lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Structure´ activity

1º Copy this activity in your notebook and fill in the blanks in these statements.

(a) The two main kinds of structures are _______ and _______ structure.
(b) If a frame structure has no 'skin' on it, it is  called an ___________frame  structure
(c) A structure that relies upon the shape it has been moulded into to give it its strength is  called a ________ structure.
(d) Loads can be  _______ (non-moving ) or _______ (moving).
(e) Tension, compression, shear, torsion and  bending are all types of ____________
(f) All these forcesmust be catered for in _________structures.
(g) An object is in tension if it is being ______
(h) An object is in compression if it is being_______
(i) An everyday item that cuts using a shear force is a ________
(j) Torsion is a _________ force
(k) If a beam is bent, the top surface is in ___ and the bottom surface is in ____
(l) ____ is a force that tries to stop one surface from sliding against another.
(m) When oil or grease is added to reduce friction, it is called a _________
(n) A long, rigid piece of wood or metal used to support a load across a gap is called a ______
(o) The use of triangles to strengthen a frame is called _____
(p) A common structure often found across water is a ______
(t) Little metal balls that reduce friction and allow bicycle wheels and pedals to move smoothly are called ___
Word: Open frame, Stretching, Static, Shell, forces, Scissors, compression, Beam, Bridge traction, friction,  Designing , lubricant, frame, dynamic, twisting, triangulation, bearings.

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