lunes, 18 de abril de 2011


Read the follwing definitions of vocabulary associated with Economics. Then try to find the Spanish word:

Incentives - Factors that motivate and influence the behavior of households and businesses. Prices, profits, and losses act as incentives for participants to take action in a market economy.

Imports - Goods or services bought from sellers in another nation. Income - The payments made for the use of borrowed or loaned money.

Income Tax - Annual tax levied by the states, and some local governments, on an individual's or corporation's net profit.

Inflation - A sustained and continuous increase in the general price level.

Insurance - A promise of compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment.

Interdependence - Dependence on others for goods and services; occurs as a result of specialization.

Interest rate - The price paid for borrowing money for a period of time, usually expressed as a percentage of the principal per year.

Investment - In finance, the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In general terms, investment means the use money in the hope of making more money.

Invoice - A bill issued by one who has provided products and/or services to a customer.

Job - The regular work which a person does to earn money.

Joint - Pertaining to multiple parties on the same side of an agreement or transaction.

Junk bond - A high-risk bond with a low credit rating, usually BB or lower; as a consequence, it usually has a high yield.

Just in time - A strategy for inventory management in which raw materials and components are delivered from the vendor or supplier immediately before they are needed in the manufacturing process.

Keynesian Economics - Named for economist John Maynard Keynes. An economic theory which advocates government intervention, or demand-side management of the economy, to achieve full employment and stable prices

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