martes, 26 de abril de 2011


Read the follwing definitions of vocabulary associated with Economics. Then try to find the Spanish word: .

Unearned increment - An increase in the value of land or property without labour or expenditure on the part of the owner

Uneconomic - Describes processes or activities that are wasteful and likely to result in a loss of money

Unemployed - Person of employment age (generally 16 to 65 years) who does not have a payingjob but is available for work and is actively seeking a job.

Unemployment- Totalnumber of ablemen and women of working age seeking paidwork.

Useful life - Period during which an asset or property is expected to be usable for the purpose it was acquired. It may or may not correspond with the item'sactualphysical life or economic life.

Usury - The activity of lending someone money with the agreement that they will pay back a very much larger amount of money later.

Utility - Pleasure or satisfaction (value for money) derived by a person from the consumption of a good or service or from being in a particular place, and for the maximization of which all economicactions are motivated. It is the subjective or psychic return which cannot be measured in absolute or objectiveterms. Goods or services that have utility for one person may not have for another, and what may have utility for a person at a certain time or place may not have it at another.

Vendor - Someone who is selling something.

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